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Wehrawald Clinic in Todtmoos

Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund Reha-Zentrum (Federal German Pension Fund Rehabilitation Centre) Todtmoos Wehrawald Clinic

Wehrawald sanatorium from 1901By building the Wehrawald sanatorium in 1901 Todtmoos had the highest-located and most modern lung sanatorium in Germany. The “German Davos” attracts people from all across Europe.

Today the Wehrawald Clinic is also a very modern rehabilitation centre. Patients suffering especially from cardiovascular and respiratory illnesses, sarcoidosis, breast cancer and tumour diseases of the respiratory organs can be treated. Treatments have a comprehensive and holistic approach, where the health information is given in the form of seminars training programmes and small groups (e.g. nutrition education, tumour discussion groups, smoking withdrawal, overweight groups, stress groups) as well as the active physical therapy with endurance training, muscle-building training, back exercises, aqua aerobics and complex physical lymph drainage procedures are the main pillars of the therapy.

Individual and group psychological discussions provide a further component of the therapy, together with relaxation techniques such as Qigong and muscle relaxation according to Jacobson. Our highly-qualified and motivated rehabilitation team can offer their services to patients registered with the Deutschen Rentenversicherung Bund (Federal German Pension Fund) but also those paying into the German health insurance system or private patients.


Telephone: +49 (0)7674 / 90 30