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Travel insurance

Travel safely

ERV-Travel insuranceMake sure you don’t incur high costs if there is an emergency. A travel cancellation insurance ensures you don’t have to pay the full cost if you have to cancel or cut short your booked holiday due to illness or other emergency situation.

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Valid in GermanyStornoPlus-VersicherungStorno-Versicherung
Travel cancellation insuranceyesyes
Travel discontinuation insuranceyesyes
Repatriation insurance with medical assistanceyesno
Baggage insuranceyesno
Bicycle coveryesno


Total price of trip up to ...StornoPlus-Versicherung Storno-Versicherung
€ 150,-€ 6,-SC190€ 9,-DC100
€ 250,-€ 9,-SC191€ 15,-DC101
€ 500,-€ 16,-SC192€ 24,-DC102
€ 750,-€ 24,-SC193€ 35,-DC103
€ 1000,-€ 29,-SC194€ 43,-DC104
€ 1.500,- € 39,-SC195€ 54,-DC105
€ 2.000,- € 49,-SC196€ 69,-DC106
€ 2.500,-€ 64,-SC197€ 84,-DC107
€ 3.000,- € 79,-SC198€ 99,-DC108


  1. Trip: All booked services for the insured person e.g. room, holiday apartment, entrance fees, (spa) packages etc. will be calculated for the total insured price of the trip.
  2. For travel within Germany for up to 30 days incl. any excursions in the neighbouring countries up to a maximum of 48hours each.


At time of booking the trip, but latest of 30days before the planned holiday start date. For bookings within 30days of the holiday start date, the deadline is the date of booking or latest of the following business day after receiving the booking confirmation.

Medical consultation service

If you become ill after booking a trip you can consult with an experienced doctor from the ERV free of charge. The independant doctor will clarify whether the trip should be cancelled as a result of the current situation.

Your advantages:

  • Travel despite sudden illness or emergency
  • Quick, competent and free of charge advice and guidance
  • The risk of higher cancellation fees are covered by the ERV


If you book a trip on our page you can arrange travel cancellation insurance at the same time.

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Tel.: +49 (0) 89 4166-1767 (Monday to Friday: 8:00 to 20:00 Uhr)


Recommended by:
German National Tourist Board e.V.
und German Tourism Association e.V.

The leading Germany consumer safety group Stiftung Warentest (Finanztest, 01/2010)
rated the ERV travel cancellation insurance as good (2.0 rating).