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Todtmoos pilgrimage destination

Todtmoos looks back on a long tradition as a pilgrimage destination. The legend of the Marian apparition has made the region extremely famous. Pilgrims have walked to the Wehra valley since the 15th century in order to pray to the “Holy Mother of Todtmoos”. Back then, the plague was rife in Freiburg and Basel and the people hoped for a miracle. Even today regular pilgrimages to Todtmoos take place.

The baroque pilgrimage church
The “Our Lady” baroque pilgrimage church is a striking symbol in the Todtmoos landscape. Details about its origin and architecture can be found here.
Pilgrimage dates
“The mother of Todtmoos leaves nobody helpless.”
Here you can find the dates when a pilgrimage to Todtmoos takes place.

The place of reflection ...
... gives strength and solace. Todtmoos and the Wehra valley offer those looking for peace many such special cultural and historical sites.